Easy e-Commerce

We make e-commerce look easy since most of the elements that effect web pages can't be seen like meta tags. We leave nothing blank when we create a webpage!



Once you have properly produced web pages your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will have lasting results for your Search Engine Optimizaton (SEO)!


On Target

We will keep your website project on target and on budget based on advance planning which determine minimum needs for success! The first step to production is planning!


Mobile Ready

Special design optimized for modern mobile devices is imperative since over fifty percent of the world wide web surfers are using Android or iPhone cell phones presently!


This page once provided information about the Sequoia Fund for client Greg Stehler of Uniontown, Ohio who was wanting a share of the "closed fund" during the late 90's. Upon an article in the Wall Street Journal by Karen Damato Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal Aug. 19, 1999, a day later Greg Stehler was offered a single share by a New York broker. Since the Wall Street Journal article is still linked to our webpage, over a decade later, we thought you may wish to read the original article headlined Investors Beg to Buy One Share To Open Closed Mutual Funds at URL: .

"Market for Bootleg Sequoia Shares Wanes as Fund Slumps" by Ian McDonald 10/13/99 for The Street article at URL:

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