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Config.Com, Inc. is not actively seeking or soliciting investors, however, potential opportunities may exist.
Any potential investment would be utilized for National and International expansion of our small business custom developed content management systems e-Commerce web hosting packages, search engine optimization (SEO) commercial services, and/or the continued development of our custom e-Commerce hosting services.

The current stockholders of Config.Com, Inc. were residents of the Great State of Ohio at the time of their investment.

All investment inquiries should be directed to: Joe Rinehart, President or John McFarland, Treasurer for Config.Com, Inc.

Disclaimer: Config.Com, Inc. Articles of Incorporation are registered with the Secretary of Ohio and is a privately held company.

Config.Com, Inc. is not registered with the Securities and Exchange commission to solicit the sale of stock and the information contained within our web site or this web page should not be interrupted as a solicitation! Any investment in Config.Com, Inc. has risk.

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