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Mergers and acquisitions within the Internet services provider (ISP) industry have become big business! Big boys buying up smaller ISPs and it might surprise you to know that there are many cases where small ISPs have bought larger ISPs.

There are a lot of factors involved in determining the value of an ISP or hosting business. Some links to research if you are considering selling your business acquisitions may be surfed using Google.

A respected resource for determining the value of an ISPs subscribers is at URL:

Usually, the buyer is only interested in buying the subscriber base and not the infrastructure or liabilities! This can make a difference if you've focused on building a quality of network infrastructure that might include redundant network backbone connections and you are concerned that the quality of service you've built for your rural subscribers may go downhill after the sale.

We are aware of cases where a small ISP has been taken advantage of in the sale of their subscribers. The bottom line is if you are considering selling your subscriber base for what ever reason you should either have a broker involved or know the company you are planning to sell to!

There are many reasons for an ISP to sell off their subscribers or hosting accounts and we suggest that if you are considering selling your company or subscribers that you deal with a trustworthy company with a solid background. Config.Com is a golden rule company which puts quality of service and it's subscriber values at the top of our business practices.

If you should be considering selling your company, subscribers, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) clients, or commercial web hosting accounts, we would welcome the opportunity to develop a dialog between your company and Config.Com! The management of Config has experienced several successful mergers and acquisitions.

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