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This page serves as a credits page of the several people whom have contributed toward the success of continuous operation with the domain name since January 1994.

Joe Rinehart, Founder, Chairperson, and President of fun stuff -

John McFarland, Treasurer and Business Manager

Tim Grondin  - Network Management Consultant - Operation Enterprise

Sharon Geraci, Business Planning Consultant

Jeff Billman, Vice President Marketing -

Ken Dobruskin, Vice President Europe

Dr. Jiunn-Der Wu - China Trade consultant -

Sandra Tang, Vice President South East Asia

Butch Reynolds, Spokesperson & Olympic Gold Medalist -

Tom Katovsky -  - Health and Business consultant

Carol Boggs - Technology and Internet Support Services

Lee East (DIG) - Technology Consultant

Rose Rinehart, Billing and Bookkeeping

Colleen De Vincentis,- Commercial sales and consultant

Jim Hillis (The Wizzard) - Commercial Internet Support Services

Ken McGregor, The Art Armory - Graphic Artist and Custom Website Production

Carmon Rinehart -  - Photographer

Bob Keller - Photographer

Sharon Proudfoot - Photographer

Jim Lutz - Consultant

Darian Patrick - Consultant

Greg Dykes - Consultant  

Dick Depew (Red) - Consultant / Ald.Net

Skip Watson - Consultant / Ald.Net  **Deceased

Billy Rinehart (Catman) - Administrative Assistant & Co-SysOp **Deceased

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