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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires Solutions to explain the potential limitations of the Emergency 911 (E911) services being provided, and to obtain an acknowledgement from each subscriber and keep this acknowledgement on file. E911 services are provided by a third party company and are subject to the following limitations:

    may not function with the loss of electrical power, including the loss of power to telephone equipment or other equipment necessary to route E911 calls to the appropriate emergency call center;
    will not function if the broadband connection is not operational;
    will not function at a remote location or may transmit incorrect physical location information for the caller if internal users are allowed to use their IP-based phones remotely;
    will not function if the telephone equipment or other equipment necessary to place calls is not correctly configured;
    may not transmit the correct physical address for the E911 call due to incorrect information provided by you, use of a non-native telephone number or delays in loading or updating automatic number identification and location information into the E911 databases
    may not be capable of being received and/or processed by an emergency call center due to the center's technical limitations; and
    may be affected by other factors or force majeure events, such as the quality of the broadband connection and network congestion. Your signature below will serve as your acknowledgement that Solutions  has advised you of these potential limitations. Solutions will also provide labels to you that will alert users to the limitations discussed above. The FCC has suggested that these labels be placed on or near the telephone equipment associated with your service. The physical location which you provided to us prior to the initiation of service and at which our service is first used by you, shall be the registered location that will be provided to the emergency call center when you place a 911 call.

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