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Domain name registration is easier with configure commerce. We'll do the research and check availability of domain names and provide a list for you to select from using our OpenSRS registrar account. Once you have a domain name, it's Domain Name Service (DNS) may be managed on-line at with your unique login credentials. Of course, may also help you manage your domain name.

We do NOT recommended using privacy option since logically any legitimate business should want to be found just like being in the phone book. All scammers and spammers hide behind privacy so people can't easily find them to complain. This shouldn't be a problem for any legitimate business.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND paying for your domain name 10 years in advance! While you do not have to be a client of configure commerce to register a domain name, we do ask and prefer that all our clients prepay their domains because it we know it's the best investment at the least cost possible to do good on Google! Prepayment was also mentioned in section 99 of Google's original patent of March 15th 2005.

Domain Name Registration pricing starts at $14.95 annually and varies based on the Top Level Domain (TLD) or .com, .net, .org etc....

Our founder Joe Rinehart has been managing Domain Name Service (DNS) since 1994!

Call Joe Rinehart at 330.389.1192 to discuss domain name registration and for any questions or advice.