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DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology for bringing high- bandwidth information to homes and small businesses over ordinary copper telephone lines. Internet services offers High Speed DSL over the same aDSL infrastructure that the AT&T and Frontier telephone company uses!

frontier dsl modem equipmentHigh Speed Broadband DSL (Price includes Frontier line fee)

No contract or minimum term of service required!

No cancellation fees!

 Each plan provides:

- E-mail address.
- Free Telephone support.
- Virus scanning for incoming and outgoing e-mail usernames.
- SpamAssassin Spam filter with human sender ability to white-list accidental blockage

What do you need to use DSL Internet access service?

  • A working telephone line with local Frontier service (You do not need their long distance service).
  • A PC running Windows 95 or above and Mac OS 7.6 and/or above
  • A working DSL modem and connected to the phone jack.

5 e-mail addresses and 10Mb for web hosting and a dynamic address
Dedicated access - Gives you connectivity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What does offer?
Scalable Bandwidth -Allows you to get as much speed as you need.
Dedicated Access - Gives you connectivity 24 hrs. a day.
Receive a host of free services - 2 e-mail boxes & free web space.
Upgrade to multi-user program at any speed - Call for details.

What do you need to do for service?
1. Contact to sign-up and get your account information.
2. Get your computer ready (a network card is needed).
4. Your DSL equipment will arrive for you to install.
5. You are connected to the Internet faster than ever before.

All quoted prices include the Frontier DSL Line fee. An additional FUSF recovery fee will be added to monthly fees where applicable.

The Universal Service Fund (FUSF) charge is a surcharge collected from telecommunications carriers such as Frontier, Verizon or AT&T to support the federal Universal Service Fund. The Fund ensures that schools, libraries, rural hospitals, and other individuals have access to affordable telecommunications service. All communications providers must contribute to the fund based on revenue incurred during the previous year.

* Multi-user for any package requires additional equipment. Call for details!

Note: Due to a high occurrence of line disqualification, if you have more than one phone line at your location, submit each of them separately. Due to Frontier engineering, it is possible for some lines to qualify for aDSL service and others not.

or telephone (1.888.266.3442)

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